Chains of Khoros

Den of the Cave Bear

In which the heroes confront a fearsome beast...

Mayor Cho tasked the heroes with disposing of the Legionnaire dead so as not to draw the wrath of the Empire down upon his town. The characters took the equipment, bodies and moa mounts back towards the north, in order to make it look like the soldiers had never reached Tangkou. As luck would have it, the group stumbled onto a campsite that appeared to have been used by the Legionnaires; although rigor mortis had set in, they set about arranging the bodies to mimic a bandit attack, hiding the valuables and chasing off the moas. A campfire in the distance drew their attention, and approaching, two Khorosian guards were seen. Mazil’s stumble brought one of the guards out to investigate, but a mighty blow from the berserker Olca felled him in an instant. The battle that followed was short – the remaining guard and those awakened were quickly dispatched.

Moving into a cave at the site, the characters entered a large cavern full of bones, and recently dead Xoltecs. A strange Khorosian man sang to a massive bear, seemingly asleep, chained to the cavern wall. When Ma Bai Tian challenged him, he did not even try to mask his contempt, ordering the heroes to leave at once. When they did not, he loosed the bear and battle was joined. Bai felled the arcanist with a single strike from his kusari-gama, but the cave bear proved to be a formidable opponent. Mazil brought forth fire to scorch it, Ili distracted the beast, and though it almost felled him, Olca withstood its mighty blows. In the end, the bear lay dead, infused with orax crystals in some strange manner, which glowed even as it expired.

The arcanist’s notes indicated he was performing some experiments involving the crystals, which seemed to strengthen the bear, but little is known at this point about his goals.

(GM: Guillaume)


Great summary !

Den of the Cave Bear

It is good! Very good!

Den of the Cave Bear

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