Chains of Khoros

First Session

In which the rebellion is started...

Guillaume, Stacey and Valerie made up characters and then we ran a short fight to start getting used to the system.

Guillaume is playing Darnos, a former Khorosian officer and Hunter.

Stacey is playing the Berserker Olca, a Xoltec most notable for his 20 Strength and a two-handed heavy flail.

Val is playing a Spiritualist named Mazil, also a [Xoltec Culture | Xoltec]].

All three characters were on the scene when a riot broke out. The newly-reinforced Khorosian guards manhandled an old man, and the villagers nearby got ugly. Insults gave way to rock throwing, and before long the guards responded with deadly force. Seeing civilians being cut down, the three PCs engaged the guards, killing six of them. We learned that Stacey’s character can really dish out the damage…

(GM: Patrick)



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