a young, brash and dedicated Xoltec spiritualist determined to free her people or die trying.


Str 10, Dex 11, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 14, Char 18 HP 10, Active Def 15 (w/ Overwhelming Presence), Passive 10; Attack: Melee +5, damage 1d8 + 4 w/ macahuitl (Mental Weapon Bond) Damage reduction 1d2 Spiritualist Rites: Rite of Flame, Rite of Crafting, Rite of Binding


Mazil is a spiritualist of the Xoltec tradition. The great volcano Tehuanal erupted at the hour of her birth, causing her terrified parents to abandon her in the forest, fearing an ill omen. Miraculously, the child survived for 48 hours until, weak and hungry, she was found by a shaman from a neighboring village. Jalala was not normally given to kindness, but she recognized a kindred glint in the baby’s eye and raised her in the spiritualist tradition of her people, where blood sacrifice makes the practitioner’s call on the spirits all the more powerful.

Young, headstrong, and determined to prove her worth, Mazil offered to stay behind with a select few warriors and guard the retreat of the Xoltec army at the infamous battle of Axthal against the Khorosian army. Mazil and her comrades were accustomed to taking slaves, but had never experienced imprisonment, and expected to be killed with honor. That she is a slave is a source of great fury and frustration for her, and she fears the spirits may have abandoned her and her people.

Mazil is tall and gangly, with large black eyes, pronounced cheekbones, a fearsome grin and a skullcap of hair that she occasionally grows long enough to stiffen with mud. She has tattoos in the form of black whorls on each cheek, large hands with long fingers, and often leans forward over anyone who opposes her, unconsciously using her height to help her intimidate them. Her voice is deep and resonant, and the villagers of her home feel equal parts fear and respect of her presence and skills; and amusement at such assertiveness in one so young.

She is rarely seen without her bone breastplate made of bird bones and leather armor from a jaguar’s hide. She carries a macahuitl, a club studded with sharp pieces of obsidian for additional slashing damage, her spirit rattle, and a knife for scarification. Her spirit companion, Ili, is a very large rat with great agility and speed as well as sharp teeth.


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