Xoltec Culture

The Xoltecs (pronounced SHOAL-tek) combine elements of ancient Mesoamerican cultures with some of those of the Vikings. The Xoltec culture is an agricultural and seafaring society that occasionally raids other cultures and explores, particularly when harvests are poor. Their knowledge of seafaring, shipbuilding and astronomy, as well as their access to spiritualism, could be their advantages against the Khorosians. They are poorly organized in individual clans that occasionally raid each other, however.

The Xoltecs have great leatherworking skills and know a lot about survival in the wild. These skills allow them to travel without well-defined roads. In their homeland, most of their cities would be located by the sea, with smaller settlements located inland. They fish, and some of their number work as whalers and hunters of some of the great beasts which prowl the seas.

Their knowledge of the properties of plants and pharmacology are second to none. It is known that Xoltec warriors frequently employ poisoned weapons.

Xoltec Armaments

(based on Aztec warfare)

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Xoltec Culture

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