Xoltec Knighthoods

Megalodon Knights

The Megalodon Knights are lowest in prestige of the three Xoltec knighthoods. They are formidable shipborne warriors, able to sail expertly, board enemy ships, or conduct raids on shore. They wear sharkskin costumes, and are named for the megalodon, largest of sharks that prowl the seas.

Smilodon Knights

The Smilodon Knights are the second most prestigious order of Xoltec knighthoods, above the Megalodon Knights, but beneath the Condor Knights. They don costumes made of sabretooth tiger pelts. Each knight commands a company or more of lesser troops.

Condor Knights

The Condor Knights are the elite of the elite in Xoltec society, ranking at the top of knighthoods, above both the Smilodon Knights and Megalodon Knights. They wear costumes of feathers taken from giant condors. They command large bodies of troops, and great respect.

Xoltec Knighthoods

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